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Monday 12 September 2011

Dream Dress: Harriet Dress by Mina

Autumn is, without question, the best season. Cool breezes, beautiful red and brown fallen leaves, patterned tights, soup not salad, HOT BOOZE. But finding a dream dress can be tricky. It's too cold for floaty strappy frocks, but not yet time for woollen dresses and duffel coats.

So I was delighted to stumble across the perfect dress shop last week: Mina. A quick peek through the window revealed glorious vintage style dresses that managed to be both pretty and practical. Pair them with tights and cardies and they'll see you through til winter.

The Harriet dress will become my staple autumn frock. The dogtooth top with a smart little collar plus a swishable, wine-coloured skirt says: autumn, I am ready for you. And at £59, I'll have money left over for hot cider. Add brogues and a mini satchel and get ready to kick through piles of leaves.


  1. Oh, frock. Why are you so short? On my 6ft frame this will not cover my arse, I'm almost certain. *sigh*

    Also, my comments won't ever post with a google log in any more -is that just me?!

  2. Sorry Anon! I'm only 5'4 so this is ideal on me.

    My Google login can be a bit hit and miss - try clicking 'preview' and then 'post'. Works more reliably for me.

  3. Love it. Reckon it would be OK with opaque tights, Sara?

  4. It is MADE for opaque tights.


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