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Monday 19 September 2011

Gadget Delight: Handpresso

Most of the Domestic Sluts are tea drinkers (except Gemma who lives on Diet Coke and doesn't 'get' hot drinks - weird, no?) So we asked coffee lover Jo Gifford to tell us about this fabulous coffee gadget.

I am a coffee snob. I admit it. I love my freshly ground beans, my cafetière is my BFF and I cannot survive the day without my injection of the dark stuff. Freeze-dried, instant muck leaves me cold. Nope, it HAS to be chewable caffeine to hit the spot.

So, how thrilled was I to be treated to this gorgeous l’il gadget for my recent birthday? Allow me to introduce to you the Handpresso.

This little beauty is a handheld espresso maker. Why handheld you ask, why not a stove top maker? Because my loves, you can take it with you places. Ah yes.

Picnics, Autumn walks, bike rides when you need a cheeky boost...just take the Handpresso and it’s bag of kit with you and away you go.

It’s an easy premise; fill the flask with hot water, pump pressure into the gadget (just like a bike pump), pop in the coffee pods or fresh ground coffee, and pour into the espresso cups included. The design is sleek and premium, and I love the clever pack to carry about the stuff like a mini barista on the move.

Check it out if you are a lover of the bean, and get all Italian this Autumn and Winter. Perhaps a dash of rum will keep the cold away too. Any excuse.

Want more from Jo? Head over to Dextrous Diva immediately.

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