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Thursday 12 July 2012

Adnam's new 'Spirit of Broadside' beer spirit

I like a girl who likes her beer.

Mostly because I'm jealous: fruit cider is about as far as I can go, but real ale or lager leaves me wincing from the bitterness. I realise this makes me a massive pansy, and most of my friends love a pint when they're down the pub.

Now, however, Adnams have got all serious about our love of beer. They've realised we can't get enough, so they've turned things up a notch: they've recently launched their 'Spirit of Broadside' beer-infused spirit.

It's an 'eau de vie de biere' - a distilled Broadside beer that uses hops to differentiate it from a regular whisky.

At 43%, it's not exactly going to be a 'cheeky half' after work, but it still retains that pleasing hops-like bitterness.

I was recently invited to taste it, and as a neglible beer-drinker I was pleasantly impressed. It's mega-warming, smooth and strong, with malty, whisky-like character and a hint of burnt caramel, and the finish is packed with your usual beery flavour.

You probably wouldn't drink it neat (seriously, I nearly fell over after just a few mouthfuls), but Adnams recommend mixing it with things like cherry liqueur, ginger beer and orange, over ice. Pretty darn refreshing.

It's available in 50cl bottles for £27.99, or a 70cl bottle is £32.99. 


  1. Ooooh....the boy's Mum is an Adnams fan so this would be a great gift!

    Rather fancy it myself actually.... we are the other way around from usual in our house.... I love an ale or stout, but the boy can only hack a fruity cider!

    With ginger beer sounds amazing!

  2. Ah, yes, the perfect present! Please let us know how it is with ginger beer - it does sound ace!


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