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Monday 30 July 2012

Agathe Perfume Bubbles

These Agathe bubbles are nothing short of magic. Everyone likes bubbles. Don't pretend that you won't steal bubbles from a small child at any given opportunity. But these bubbles are for grown ups. They're not made of a rubbish mix of Fairy washing up liquid and childhood dreams. Instead they're perfume.

You get a choice of violet, cold mint, cut grass and pear. I got to play with the pear ones at the weekend  and they smelled fantastic. But that's not why you buy perfume bubbles. You buy perfume bubbles so you have a valid excuse to run and chase them in a pub while you drink wine. Running about and giggling like a fool is actually something I'd like to add to my getting ready routine.

The bubbles are available from the often too-pricey-for-me Les Senteurs. But they're not too pricey! They're just £14 and they're fabulous.

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  1. Oh my. This is AMAZING!!!! BEST FIND EVER! Bubbles you don't have to share with or steal from a child!


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