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Wednesday 11 July 2012

The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

Cookie loves you
God I love baking biscuits. I've been baking shortbread like an absolute bitch the last couple of weeks, and we've got enough cookie recipes on the site to keep us afloat for the next twelvety years.

Sometimes, though, I don't want to bake. I don't have the energy and I just want to buy a cookie. Not just any cookie though, my absolute perfect one, which fortunately I can buy with great ease since it's round the corner from my office. It's a double chocolate chip one and it costs 49p from Waitrose. I have been eating them since they were 25p. My mum used to buy one for my brother and I on Friday afternoons after school, when we went to Waitrose to do the shopping (at that time the only supermarket in our town - there's Hampshire for you).

There's something absolutely magical about them - a real chewy, almost cakey texture with big chunks of chocolate. Just one mouthful (not that I ever manage to stop at one) is enough to make me feel deeply comforted and content. Also chocolatified.

I've got a Waitrose next to my work, and I nip in whenever I'm tired, or in need of a bit of cheering up after a long day and get one to eat on the bus home, my mother's horrified "Don't eat in public, Katherine!" ringing redundantly in my ears.

This cookie is also about the size of my hand. No really, look for science.

This is the hand of a very tall woman. This is a very large cookie.

When I looked on the Ocado website, some suspiciously similar cookies were being sold at four for 80p. The description was the same, the reviews suggested the same, slightly cakey, chewy consistency and enormous size. That is a ton of delicious biscuit! If you ever shop with Ocado (I am a cheapskate-slash-frugal so never do) then add this to your basket and do a comparison for me.

As if you needed another reason to go into Waitrose, look what I found when I went this morning. I so nearly folded it up and took it into work. Dog + comforting cookie treat = happy girl.

PS - It's my mum's birthday today. Happy birthday mum! Sorry about the eating in public!


  1. I love this piece so much. The snippet about your mum! The mental image of Hampshire! The dog!

    Oh, and the cookies. They look tasty.

  2. One of the loveliest pieces I've ever seen. :) "No really, look for science" made me do snorty laughing. You tonic. x

  3. Do you remember when said chocolate chip cookies actually were covered in chocolate chips though? They changed them and are delicious, but still not quite the same...

    1. Oh my goodness Hannah, memory lane! Amazing! They used to be studded didn't they. That said, I'm a complete chocolaglutton so am massively in favour of the chunks.


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