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Thursday 26 July 2012

Sluttery by Post: Wychwood Deli

This is my lunch. Nom.
Having spent the last week existing primarily on bread or Pringles while rehearsing for the Olympics Opening Ceremony tomorrow - I'm sorry, I'm a bore, but it is so amazing - I practically fell over in joy this morning when Wychwood Deli sent me a delivery of deli goodies that involved MAXIMUM cheese and minimal flour. I headed off to the supermarket, bought some Finn Crisp (best accompaniment biscuit in the history of ever, and I traitorously say that as a Carr descendant) and some grapes, then doled it out to the office so I didn't eat it all and explode.

The Wychwood Deli website is very well done - like a more relaxed, portable version of the Harrods Food Hall. Brimming with hams, pies, charcuterie, cheeses, as well as groceries, condiments, and exotic tea and coffee. (On a web nerd note, their homepage carousel is amazing - the most delicious-looking photographs of edibles). They've got a really lovely food gifts section, and postage for everything up to £75 is £5.95, after that, it's free.

So, what was in my bag of fun? Oh my God, I really hope you've eaten.

I fell passionately in love with Barkham Blue, winner of the Best Blue Cheese at the 2011 British Cheese Awards (and don't you just love the fact that we have a cheese awards? Who knew!). I adore a blue cheese, the stronger and more frightening the better, but there's nothing scary about the Barkham Blue: it's the orange and blue one on the right of the picture, just below the Finn Crisp. It's got a fabulously unctuous flavour, rich and tangy with a real smoothness that stops it going over the top. Prices start at £4.50 for 150g up to £26.95 for a whole.

The Mario Costa Gorgonzola was almost walking off the plate and thus almost impossible to get out of its pretty blue paper wrapping - very French. This was a real hit with my office; a gorgeous flavour and that real Italian thump. A 250g serving is £4.95. Cotswold Wild Boar Salami had my mouth watering - I seriously love pig products - but was too over-peppered for me and I'd have preferred thicker slices, and due to being an olive denier, I had to leave it up to the rest of my office to rave about the Castelvetrano green olives (£3.95). Divine, apparently, but ultimately no good to me what with being olives.

I was joyously surprised by the Montgomery Cheddar (£3.95 - £11.45). Far from the ghastly, sweating accountant cheddars I suffered at school, this is a real manly, sit-up-and-bark cheese: a lovely strong flavour and a texture that's on the crumbly side and as far away from squeaky as you can get. Word of warning however: it tastes atrocious if you should be silly enough to return to it after a mouthful of blue.

They offer a 10% discount to Twitter fans, just head to their page for the discount code.


  1. Your lunch makes me jelaous. But that's OK, I've got a Tunnock's on my desk.

    Also, I'd like to argue that Miller's Toasts are the best cheese carrier there is:

  2. Ok, those look epic. I'm not sure about flavoured biscuits with my cheese though - I am a boring purist at heart.

    1. I thought that, but somehow the work. In the same way a spicy chutney would. That said, I'd be happy to pair my Camembert with a French baguette. One as tall as you.


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