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Tuesday 24 July 2012

Out of the Dark

Out of the Dark are brilliant for several reasons. Let's start with the rather shallow reason first: I really want all of their furniture. It's all salvaged, so you're getting something old that's been lovingly restored. With really bright splashy paint colours. They're the best. But that's not the only reason to love Out of the Dark. They're actually a really brilliant charity.

They work with young disadvantaged people and give them the skills they need to restore furniture and be part of something. They train, educate and employ. All the while, creating something really beautiful.

More furniture should be bright yellow, don't you think?

This table and chairs is glorious. They're Ercol, so they're definitely not cheap but you're not being overcharged be a snazzy website and posh brand - you're paying for the time and effort. And there are some much cheaper pieces...

Gosh I really want this rocking chair. If I'm honest, I want all of the rocking chairs. I never grew out of my Enid Blyton phase. This might be a Wishing Chair. It might grow wings. And if it doesn't, I've just bagged an ace chair for £150.

I've always felt that Sluttery HQ needed a drinks trolley. It needs this one. It's £200. All of the profit from purchases goes straight back in the Out of the Dark programme so you know that your shopping and fabulous taste is supporting a really great charity.

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  1. I freaking love this idea! I want the yellow furniture right now. *starts looking for pennies down the back of the sofa*


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