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Monday 16 July 2012

Lady Muck Of Whitstable

I don't know what I love more: this jewellery, or the fact that if anyone asks where it's from, I can say Lady Muck of Whitstable. It'll sound like I've inherited it from a splendid old trollop living by the seaside.

In fact, Lady Muck makes hand-made original jewellery, often out of materials that were otherwise destined for the scrap heap. She's like a clever creative Womble.

Butterflies! Choose from acrylic or cherrywood. I want a whole flock (swarm?) floating around my neck. They're £18, so it's have to be a small flock, mind.

I love these bird hairslides.You can get them as brooches as well, but I want them perched casually on my head so I can make like Snow White (me, yesterday). They're only £7.

Has anyone enjoyed a Mr Whippy yet this summer? No, me either. There's no way to eat one in the incessant rain. You can happily wear them as earrings though, especially if they're just £5.

Esteemed publication Take a Break: Fate and Fortune once recommended attaching a hummingbird charm to your pants if you wanted to be lucky in love. Make like a normal person and attach these to your ears. They're only a fiver in the sale, too.

Have a look at the collections on Lady Muck's website and drool over the Alice in Wonderland collection - not available in her online shop, sadly, but see if one of her stockists is near you.

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