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Wednesday 11 July 2012

Cocktail Hour: Hayman's London Dry Gin

Now that Sluttery HQ is based in a real office, rather than the comfy chair by the living room window, I thought that desk gin might be a thing of the past. I mourned. I'm not really one for afternoon drinking, or even lunchtime drinking for that matter (I get sleepy and hungover by 6pm, it's pathetic). But a post-5pm gin 'n' tonic while I finish off emails and admin is a booze treat that I was sad about giving up. I've already stopped watching Neighbours at lunchtime.

Then Neil from Yet Another Gin sent me a bottle of Hayman's gin. The same week a bottle of Bottlegreen sparkling elderflower landed on my desk.

It would be rude not to put those two pieces of fate together.

The thing is, I've discovered that Hayman's is a very clean gin. I wanted to have a sniff and a sip of it neat, but that's the kind of thing that gets you talked about in an open plan office. This is perhaps the best martini gin I've ever tried. It doesn't need anything fancy adding to it. It doesn't really work with florals and it struggled with my mixer of choice, it needs something sour to hold its own. It's dry enough to knock the socks off your crappy day.

But even in desperate situations (a crap glass and no ice to boot), I can tell you that Hayman's is a fabulous gin. It doesn't need much to turn it into a fabulous drink. Treat it kindly and that last hour of working late won't seem like that much trouble at all.

You can buy Hayman's London gin from The Drink Shop. You definitely should - it's on offer at the moment and just £15.95.

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  1. I am loving the idea of a desk gin. Traditionally, Friday afternoons at work include a couple of glasses of wine...just to ease into the weekend you understand.

    I would certainly like to try this one too.... we have a growing selection of gins at home and it sounds like this will complement the collection.

    Have you tried Sparrow Gin yet? I am loving it! It makes a mean Negroni but is better still served very cold on its own. I've been writing about it loads so I must sound like I've bought shares or something, but it really is great and quite leads with pink grapefruit rather than the botanicals.


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