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Wednesday 11 July 2012

Kapow! Dwell Pop Art Cushions

The look of distress on this woman's face could apply to any number of scenarios. She left the house without an umbrella! She's fled from a really bad date! She forgot to record her favourite TV show! That's one of the things I love most about pop art, especially Roy Lichtenstein's work. You can add any back story to it you want.

Like, what's the deal with this chap?
Is he a dashing hero? Or a cad and a bounder? Is he up to nefarious deeds? Is he pretending to be John Travolta in Grease? Are they in fact re-enacting the whole of Grease and maybe Grease 2 because the rain has driven them insane?

But then this happens!
Oh. Is this a literal explosion or a metaphorical one? Is the chap breaking up with her and their relationship has gone boom? So many possibilities.

If you want a bit of boom or kablam in your life and like idly speculating on what other people's stories are, then these are for you. Each cushion is £24.95 and available for pre-order from Dwell. They're expecting them in on 27th July and they can email you when they're in stock if you don't want to order now.


  1. Love them. More article should start with 'Kapow!'

  2. These are ace! I'd forgotten about Dwell many wonderful things!


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