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Monday 23 July 2012

Mad Old Cat Lady Tablewear

Mad Old Cat Lady: no longer just something to aspire to ("what do you mean, aspire to?" - all my friends), it's a fabulously kick-ass shop selling everything and anything cat themed. Think rock rather than twee, though; these cats would claw your eyes out rather than curl up in your laps.

Tempted as I am to plaster my walls in their prints and post everyone a grumpy cat card, I'm most drawn to their tablewear.

This four piece L'Encre Noir De Chat dinner set includes a dinner plate, side plate, bowl and mug. It's £52 but it's bone china and features an artfully splattered ink pattern and snooty looking cat. Pretty sure it translates as "inky black cat" but my French A-level may be a bit rusty.

I thought about including these plates in our Cute or Creepy? series, but really, the answer can only be SO CREEPY. Serve up dinner on these and watch your guests eye the beef with suspicion. This set is £52 as well. I know, not cheap, but might be a good present for an offbeat bride and groom. Ok, VERY offbeat. I'd have it on my wedding list anyway.

Check out the cheeky cat on these mugs, trying to act nonchalant like that bird died of natural causes. A likely story, puss. Two mugs are £20.

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  1. The sly looking cat reminds me of the rabbit in I Want My Hat Back.

    "Do not ask me any more questions!"


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