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Wednesday 25 July 2012

Roll up, roll up! Circus Paints from Olive Loves Alfie

I've been toying with the idea of redecorating ever since Kat found us some ace paint names to make you laugh, wanting to find a colour that suited me in name as well as shade. I can't fall in love with a paint called Woodland Fern, but I can fall in love with a paint called Showgirl.

While browsing the lovely Olive Loves Alfie shop last week (their squirrel thermos will be mine), I stumbled across their range of interiors paints. They're all named after the magical things you find at the circus or a funfair, and quite frankly they're the bee's knees. They're also totally natural and made from Soya Beans.

How about Masquerade? Every time I entered the room I'd have to start singing the Phantom of the Opera song, of course, but I'm pretty sure that wouldn't get old ever, right?

Usherette is a charming shade of blue. It makes me think of pretty dresses, and all good usherettes should wear those.

Oh, Accordion is just peachy, isn't it? I reckon this could brighten up any room.

Carousel is filling me with romance just looking at it. I don't normally go for pinks, but this is so swankified I want it as my feature wall.

These fantastic paints come in various sizes and finishes, and start from £33 per litre with £3.50 postage. That's definitely not as high as a tightrope walker's high wire...

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