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Friday 20 July 2012

Totes Amaze

The only time it's acceptable to say 'totes amaze' without being ironic is when you're talking about amazing totes. Obviously.

I want a bag of tricks. Even if you just got rubbish in your bag (note to self: throw those damn chocolate wrappers away), everyone will think you've got magic in your bag. This is from Alphabet Bags and it's £12.

A tote from the Tate! Alice in Wonderland imagery was made for tote bags. I bloody love this and it's only a tenner.

Going somewhere? If you have a stalker, this might not be the best bag to carry around. If you're stalker-free, you can find these at Door 77 for a tenner.

Pigeons and jelly are high up on my list of things I want on a tote bag. Or anything, really. This is a classic thornback & peel design, and it's only £12 (sadly their images of it are teeny, but you know what a tote bag looks like). Put packets of jelly in it.

Everything is a good idea at 2am. (Note: NOTHING is a good idea at 2am.) This tote is from Joy of Ex Foundation at Bouf, it's £9.65.


  1. Ooo, love the Alice in Wonderland one. *metal note: visit Tate next London trip*

  2. I've also discovered that Rob Ryan has launched a tote bag range with Alphabet Bags. Not my style, but they're very good value for a piece of Mr Rob!


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