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Wednesday 18 July 2012

HYAH! Samurai Sword Umbrella

Just look at this. Look at it. It looks like both a good, useful, working umbrella, and the physical representation of what we'd all like to do to the weather. Having spent far, far too much time outdoors in a succession of "It's waterproof! Oh, God, it's not waterproof" outfits while rehearsing for the Olympics Ceremonies (yes readers, Sluttery be representin' at 2012), I am now so aware of the need for rain protection that I'm amazed I haven't just waterproofed myself.

This marvellous samurai sword umbrella is in the sale at Firebox and costs £15.99. After my first proper journalism job finished in 2005, I bought my martial arts-obsessed "champion" (2005-speak for mentor, or even boss) a samurai sword off eBay, because you could do that sort of stuff seven years ago. If I were doing it again now, I'd buy him this.


  1. If I owned that, I'd be a menace to society with all of my swishing down Tooley Street. That would teach those suity men to get pushy with their brollies.

  2. I have that! I get some strange looks but it's bloody awesome


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