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Thursday 19 July 2012

Dream Dress: Oasis' London Love Letters Collection

I'm a massive fan of Lizzie Prestt's designs, so when I found out that she was designing the prints London Love Letters - a new London-inspired collection by Oasis, I was thrilled. Her designs are perfect for Oasis dresses - classic and vintage-inspired, with a little quirky twist that really complement Oasis' clothing style.

This London street scene skirt is absolutely my favourite piece. In fact, it deserves a close up.

Cute! The houses and shops are adorable without being too... London-y. It's £50.

This pink dress is a lot more London-y - it's covered in landmarks! I'll be honest, I wouldn't wear this walking about the city. I live here, that seems really weird to me. But it's beautiful and so summery and girly. It's £70. Sidenote: loving the pink dress/orange lipstick combo clash.

Actually, despite this one having a massive image of Big Ben on it, I love it. It's striking, rather than cutesy and the classic shift shape contrasts with the detailed design. If I was going to choose a dress from the collection, I'd want it to be this one, although I'm not sure my hips will allow and that's not a good use of £70.

This pale grey dress is covered in landmarks too, but it's got lots of postcards and more important pleated and therefore swishy. Obviously I love it. This is definitely the kind of dress you should wear to a summer wedding and then sulk because your freezing your backside off.

The range also has a few tote bags and silk scarves in it and while it might be too twee for some, it's nice to see a large high street shop working with an independent designer, especially when the range is so pretty. Hands of the street scene skirt, I've earmarked that and can't wait to throw something bright pink down it.


  1. Amazing! i love Lizzie Presst's work too. I am totally lusting after the london street scene skirt

    1. It's my favourite too. If it was a dress I'd have bought it already.

  2. Big Ben....striking... very good! :)

  3. Oasis online have 20% off and free delivery until midnight tonight.


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