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Tuesday 24 July 2012

Ceramic Take-Away Containers by Seletti

As much as we love cooking, here at Domestic Sluttery we are no strangers to the pleasures of a take-away. Some days you just can't be bothered to cook. Or do the washing up. Most of the time it's the thought of the washing up that sends us scurrying to the menu drawer as we try to decide what we're in the mood for. Most places use those re-usable plastic tubs now. Very eco-friendly of them but I miss when you got little foil tubs with those bizarrely flimsy yet sturdy cardboard lids. It seems Italian design company Seletti miss them too for they have immortalised them in ceramic for their Estetico range. These are some pieces that you wouldn't mind washing up.
I love the idea of making a curry and serving it in this rectangular dish. It's £7.90 which is cheaper than a take-away.

There's more in the range though. Like this bowl which cunningly looks like the foil container for a bakewell tart shaped piece of goodness. Man, I could totally eat a whole pack of bakewell tarts right now.

The bowl is £7.20. I suppose it would be equally good filled with soup instead of cake. Especially if it was wonton soup. I always order wonton soup.

Little secret time - I made a whole load of pumpkin pie a few months ago and used those ready made pastry cases. It made it easier to distribute them to various people and I didn't then have to ask for my dishes back. I'd have to though if I'd sent them out in one of these plates. They're £10.40.
Imagine a huge slice of pie on that. With some ice cream. And some cream for good measure. Yeah. Tasty. 

The prospect of all that washing up too much? Will the prettiest disposable cutlery I've seen make it better? Yes it will.
You get the cutlery set and a fabric napkin for £2.40. I quite like the inversion of having permanent take-away containers and disposable cutlery. Well done, Seletti, well done.

All of these things are available from Made In Design.

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