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Thursday 19 July 2012

Shop in the Spotlight: Whippet Grey

A curious collection of pretty. That's how I'd describe the online shop Whippet Grey (actually, Team Sluttery could be described in much the same way). There's no real link to the pieces, just 'curiosities'. Good ones.

If we're friends and you have a small child, you can expect them to be getting a pullalong triceratops for their birthday. He's £16.50 and he'll mean that I'm forever known as Cool Aunty Sian.

Bored of your tea towel? Then cut it up and turn it into a fox cushion! He's £12.50 and he's very handsome indeed.

I haven't got a clue what I'd go with a tiny mouse inside a conker. Don't care. Want one.

I always go nuts for London underground blinds, but actually I really like this New York Subway blind.

Some of the stuff on Whippet Grey is a little bit ridiculous, some of it's really very expensive. The website is more than a bit of an arse to search through. Yet every time I look at it, I find something new and exciting. It's worth a nosy through for that reason.

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