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Wednesday 18 July 2012

The Perfect Leather Jacket

I've been after a leather biker jacket since forever. But then, how often is it that you happen for have a spare couple of hundred that you can spend on a jacket that won't actually keep you warm in winter? Well thanks to a little tax rebate, I do have some spare spends. Luckily for my pennies, I've also found the most perfect leather jacket to spend them on.

My perfect leather jacket was always going to be brown rather than black (put me in a black coat in winter and I look so damn pale that it's a bit like inviting a ghost around for tea). I'd always kept my eye on the sales for a tan one to pop up, but this taupe colour is ideal - there's just a little bit of pink in it which is a much more flattering colour on me - with a yellowish brown I start to look a bit ill. Yes, a pale ghostly ill. Sexy.

The back of this jacket is gorgeous. The quilting is such a nice detail - one that makes the jacket look much more expensive than it is. This is the kind of leather jacket that you'll still be wearing in years to come when it's a little bit battered and super soft. It'll look amazing if it's looked after it properly.

The jacket is £150 from ASOS which definitely isn't the cheapest jacket in the world, but it's ideal for this bollocks weather we've been having recently. It'll go with almost everything and you can definitely justify it on payday as an investment piece.

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  1. Darnit, I've just invested in an Isabella Oliver version in the sale...that one is gorgeous - wonder if I'm allowed two...? ;)


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