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Wednesday 25 July 2012

Godiva City Souvenir Chocolate Boxes

It's London! And it's chocolatey. Just as we know it and love it and eat it.
Recently,  I was invited to John Lewis's Christmas in July event - I've not been to one before and was thoroughly overwhelmed by glitter, kitsch and novelty drinks trying to persuade you that they're radically different from Baileys while tasting exactly the same. It was paradise.

I adore Christmas. I adore it even more than I love John Lewis, probably because my mother loves John Lewis so much that there is very little love left to share out among the rest of our family. I like to think that mum thinks of John Lewis as what Jesus would be like where he a popular middle-class department store rather than the Son of God.

Godiva Souvenir Box New York

But what caught my eye particularly were these utterly ravishing souvenir boxes of chocolates on the Godiva stand: designed by four superbly talented female students at the Belgian graphic design school, La Cambre.

I absolutely adore these designs. The London box gets 12 points and would make a really lovely non-Olympic souvenir of all the cool stuff that's happening here this summer. 
It's also the only one that doesn't cost a million quid to have posted to you - the Godiva website quotes a £10 delivery charge which is frankly insane. Better to ring up one of the shops,  bat your eyelashes down the phone at them and get them to order some in for you. There's a choice of cities and countries, all with the same quirky, fabulous design. 

The boxes cost £16 each and I'd probably just glue them up on the wall when I was done with them. Gorgeous. There are even more to choose from and, from Russia to the USA, they're all stunning.

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  1. My mother is exactly the same. Every time she visits we go on the john lewis outing..


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