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Tuesday 17 July 2012

Teapot Tuesday: Camel Teapot

Last week, I promised that I would look for a fabulous red teapot. And I found one! This Pantone teapot from Heal's is all sorts of colourful cool. You can find Pantone mugs are all over the place, but the teapot is a little more special. So why aren't you seeing an image of a red teapot?

Because camels teapots trump... everything actually.

I've written about camel's elephant teapot friend before. Tea comes of his trunk! But actually, camel might be winning me over. He stores tea instead of water in his camel hump, and he looks mighty happy about it. Best of all, he's only £14.95 at Liberty. That's remarkably cheap (for some reason he's £21 in Heal's - ouch).

Now, one hump or two?

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