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Thursday 26 July 2012

Baking with Children: Baking Sets

As an aunt, I'm quite excited by the prospect of baking with my niece. Until recently, she had been too young to be interested in helping in the kitchen, but she made chocolate cornflake cakes with her dad a few months ago (although, by all accounts she spent most of the time eating the mixture and not much else). I hope she might want to bake with her Auntie Caleigh next time I visit (then she'll have to fight me for the cake mixture!) and I'm thinking about buying a baking set to sweeten the deal, but I can't decide which one I love the most.

The one above is from Mason Cash and has a cute gingerbread man pattern round the bowl. It's a simple set, but a mixing bowl, spoon, rolling pin and cookie cutter is all you need to make biscuits. It's £9.41, plus £2.50 for delivery, from Amazon.

Is it too soon to pass down my love of all things Le Creuset? I'm sure that, even without an appreciation for my favourite cookware, any little girl (and quite a few big girls) would love the pink mixing bowl that comes in this set. Don't worry, it's also available in blue, so the boys don't have to miss out.  It's £35, which is a bit pricy, but it would  last forever because it's Le Creuset. 

This gorgeous polka dot baking set is £13 from Posh Totty Designs (spottted on Not on the High Street), and includes cookie cutters, a whisk, cupcake cases, an apron and a recipe journal. It all comes in a retro polka dot case, so you can pack it all up and keep it tidy.

So, which one would you chose?


  1. I've got two nephews visiting all too soon, and wanted to bake with them - did you see any baking sets which were suitable for boys? (ie. not pink and spotty, cute though they are, and I've got plenty of bowls...) Thanks!

    1. Posh Totty do a boys version of the polka dot set. It's decorated with spaceships.

    2. Brilliant! Thanks, Caleigh!


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