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Tuesday 31 July 2012

Shop in the Spotlight: Happy Loves Rosie

I found Happy Loves Rosie while searching for images of a cat string holder. That'll give you an idea of the kind of things they sell. Once you've visited this site, you're unlikely to forget it - it's a riot of colour and pattern, and a really fun mix of retro and hand-made goods.

If you're the kind of person who has an saved e-bay search for cathrineholm or can't resist a floral teacup, or are generally a believer in 'more is more' (I'm guilty as charged to all three), you'll adore this shop.

The shop is divided into different categories for different areas of the home - there's even a section devoted to decorating a vintage caravan. There's a delightfully named 'Pictures and Whimsy' category containing all the swans and fawns and 1960s prints of doe-eyed children that you could ever want. These little forks are from the Happy Kitchen category. Could you imagine a prettier way to eat cake? The set is available for only £5.

Moving onto the bedroom, this 1950s manicure set is surely all that's been missing from a vintage glamour puss grooming regime. It's pink and ridiculously girlie and yours for £45.

The shop is stuffed full of all sorts of vintage tea cups and saucers. I adore this Chelsea tea set - you get a set of four cups and saucers, each in a different eye-popping colour combination for £20.

And who says the prettiness can only begin with the serving? This is probably the best-looking casserole dish I've ever seen. It's a bargain £15.

This is only a small selection of the goodies on offer in the store - they claim they stock 'everything you need to decorate a bright and happy home'. It's very hard to disagree.


  1. Frances, I want ALL THE THINGS (as usual with your posts).

  2. You may well find that such treasures are found easily and much more cheaply at car boot sales ...

    1. I imagine that's where a lot of these pieces are sourced, but they're still not expensive. The website is allowed to make a bit of profit.

    2. Yes - the reason I liked this shop is not because the pieces are especially unusual, or cheap, but because of the way her goods have been put together. The owner has got her own distinctive and colourful taste and her careful selection process is obvious through the overall look of her shop.

      (Plus, while I wish I could luck out at car boot sales - and applaud people who do - the ones I've attended have seemed to have a surplus of Jason Donovan DVDS and certainly nothing I've wanted to bring into my home).

  3. Thank you for this plug, I didn't realise you had 'bigged me up' like this are a doll xx I only found you, through googling myself! how vain am I!

    Thanks again
    Love Happy xx


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