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Wednesday 18 July 2012

Sites We Love: Not So Lonely Londoners

I have a love/ hate relationship with fashion blogs. One minute I'm all over them, cooing over images of pretty shoes and Mulberry bags and Instagrams of macarons. Twenty minutes later, I'm sick of them all looking the same. My fashion blog antidote has always been Kingdom of Style (and it still is, I'm really hoping that those ladies are going to be rocking my RSS feed well into their 80s) but my latest fashion industry refreshment comes from Not So Lonely Londoners.

Let's address this bit quickly: Stuart Bradley is a straight male writing about fashion. Got that? I think it's safe to say that Stuart gets a lot of people concentrating on the fact that he's straight and actually missing the fact that his blog is pretty damn excellent. It's really nice to read a fashion blog that isn't 'oooh, look at my new shoes' but equally is sometimes a little bit 'oooh, look at my new shoes'. The dude's still interested in fashion, so there's still a hefty dose of shiny things. I do love me a shiny thing.

It's nice to get a different perspective on a topic being done to death online. And it's not often a guy is willing to tackle the topic of Femfresh. Not So Lonely Londoners is funny. It's smart. It doesn't take the piss out of the fashion industry unless there's a good reason (let's face it, there often is). And it just so happens to be written by a guy with good taste. I discovered Not So Lonely Londoners after reading How to Pose Like a Fashion Blogger (wait! read part deux as well!) Here's Stuart doing just that:

That's why you should read Not So Lonely Londoners. It's a blog about fashion without being a 'fashion blog'. And I've yet to see a single soft-focus photo of a macaron and we should all be bloody grateful for that.


  1. This is one of my favourite blogs! I also found it through the posing like a fashion blogger posts, and it now is a staple on my RSS reader. I love it!

    1. The Flamingo was my favourite. Not (just) because he fell over.

  2. Thank you so much for giving us a heads up about this blog. funniest thing ever???
    i think so!!


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