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Wednesday 11 July 2012

Big Blue Sky: I'd Rather Be A Pirate

While mooching around the Norfolk coast last week, my beau's family insisted on taking me to their favourite shop in the area. I was not disappointed.

Big Blue Sky is a gorgeous little place on the coast road to Wells-Next-The-Sea, and they sell products from pretty much exclusively Norfolk-based designers - including some beauties from long-held love of mine Petra Boase. They also have really friendly staff who let you walk in ten minutes before closing and umm-and-ahh over which mug to buy...

The highlight of my visit was the "I'd Rather Be" mug collection by Stubbs Mugs. We all need silly mugs in our lives and some of these would make me all smiley during my morning coffee.

My favourite is the "I'd Rather Be A Pirate" mug, because quite frankly, who wouldn't?

I'm also a bit in love with the "I'd rather be living by the sea" and the "I'd rather be drinking Champagne" varieties. There's seventeen different mugs to choose from and I refuse to decide which is best, so I think buying a little set is in order.

They're £6.95 each with £5.95 shipping if you order online, and there's plenty of other delights on their online store to tempt you to make the postage charge worth your while.

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