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Tuesday 17 July 2012

Pantone's Colour Scented Candles

What does green smell of? If bright orange has a scent, what would that smell be? Does blue have an aroma? Pantone have the answer with their colourful candles. Good lord, I'm in love. Design geekery, fabulous bold 'n' blocky colours and wonderful sniffy scents? STOP IT, IT'S ALL TOO MUCH AND I'M GETTING TOO EXCITED.

As you'd expect, the green candles smell of foliage. But the other candle colours are much more interesting. Bright orange smells of the Caribbean. All of pineapple and coconuts. (Wait, that might be a smashing colour, but it sounds like an Innocent smoothie.)

This is more like it! The Pantone chocolate brown candles smell of 'dark earth' so you'll get all sorts of sexy woody scents in your home. All Gothic and sexy.

What does Pantone Mars Red smell like? Sensual, summery things - evening musc, and fresh flowers. All sorts of happy things shoved into these red little beasts.

Pantone Pink is all sweet raspberry and honeysuckle. YES. I want this one. I'm a total sucker for the 'suckle.

Prices start at £12 for a little candle with 20hr burn time from I can see me decorating entire rooms based on my favourite colourful candles. That's probably not the thinking of a rational woman.

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