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Friday 27 July 2012

Green Fingers: The Koubachi Plant Sensor

I kill plants.

I've never been able to keep a plant alive for longer than a week. I don't know what happens. Perhaps I over water them? I care for them, sometimes I even talk to them. But as soon as a plant is within my care, it dies. I'm really sorry to anyone who has been a bit put out when I've refused to water their plants. It's honestly for their own good.

But I like plants! Especially indoor ones. I think they're good for you, having a bit of green around makes us happier.

In lieu of a sexy gardener, might need a Koubachi.

This nifty (if expensive) little gadget means that you know exactly what care you plants need. The plant sensor is connected to wifi so you'll be notified if you're drowning your poor little Venus fly trap, or if you're spider plant is starving. Maybe you've left your cactus somewhere too dark? Or you thought the best place for your giant beanstalk was by the radiator and it's sweating a bit? You'll know straight away that you're sucking at plant-raising.

It's a little like a real life horticultural Tamagotchi.

If you're really into your plants but you're a bit rubbish at them, Kabouchi Plant Sensor sounds like it might be quite useful, but it's £89.99 from no1gadgetstore. Please don't call them Sally or Penelope like they have in the photograph. You can buy an awful lot of fresh flowers for that. And of course, you could just buy a Tamagotchi.

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  1. Pleased to hear I am not the ONLY one killing plants! If I ever have a plant again, I think this app will be utterly necessary!


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