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Monday 30 July 2012

Gold-Dipped Cutlery

There's something really special about gold cutlery. Even eating Super Noodles with gold cutlery would be brilliant. This isn't the first gold cutlery set I've written about, but I do really like the dipped effect that Anthropologie have gone for.

Of course, Anthro are kings of making brilliant stuff at mega high prices - that little set above is £32. That's because it's actually 24k gold plate, not just pretend gold colouring. Still dishwasher safe, magically. I'd probably buy a couple of spoons if they had the option to buy them on their own - that would make very posh cups of tea.

I might just keep my eye on these and hope they drop into the sale. I reckon I'd treat myself at half the price.


  1. Anthropologie are so good at hiking their prices that I actually thought "ooh, £32, that's not bad". That's £6.40 for one flipping spoon. Beautiful, though - totally waiting for the sale.

    1. But I'd probably buy a single spoon. And you can bet that it's the only one that would get used after that.

  2. I love Anthropologie home wares, but they are well expensive. These seem at least a little bit more reasonable than usual though, being real gold an all. Definitely worth fighting for in a sale!


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