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Tuesday 24 July 2012

As stylish as ABC

There are so many alphabet-based products around at the moment, sometimes it feels like everything is being designed by an over zealous primary school teacher. I think we've all established our ABCs by now. One letter by itself, in the right hands however, can look stunning. Here's my alpha-best of alphabetically inspired designs. They definitely come without the zzzzzs.

Ever wanted to see your name up in lights? I definitely do. Though an original Tracey Emin or a trip to the neon graveyard in Las Vegas are both on my wish list, they're also both far beyond my budget. Seletti's neon letters make neon signage vaguely affordable. They're £33.80 each from Made in DesignA is for Amazing.

More lovely letters thanks to the only just launched Rob Ryan range for Alphabet bagsEach letter features a delightfully different combination of flower and birds, all in Ryan's distinctive style. They cost £16.99 each. B is for Beautiful.

At the other end of the stylistic spectrum are Yeah No Yeah. Their range is small but focused, limited to these hypnotic black and white prints of every letter of the alphabet. A bit Bridget Riley, a bit Magic Eye (can there be any higher praise?), they cost £40 each. C is definitely for Cool. 


  1. I have been looking for affordable neon art for a while now - thank you for finding this!!

    The Neon Museum in Vegas really is amazing. It's the best museum I've ever visited, and I definitely want to visit again.

    1. Oh, I'm so jealous Anon! I will definitely have to make that trip at some point.


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