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Friday 20 July 2012

Sluttishly Simple: Stilton Pastry

Every month, my friends and I have a Pie Club (not to be confused with Pudding Club). This is really just an excuse to chat and drink beer and wine while consuming too many carbs. A fine excuse it is, too.

Last night was my turn to cook, and I turned to my very favourite pie recipe - steak and ale. But rather than just keep the pastry plain, I decided to play around with it and created a very simple blue cheese pastry.

You don't have to use puff, you could do this with any pastry and on any pie topping. All you need to know is that your pastry and pie skills just went up to eleven.

You'll need:
  • 1 block of strong Stilton
  • 1 block pastry
Make it!
  • Roll out your pastry onto a floured surface (our rolling pin has gone missing, a wine bottle was used last night).
  • Crumble Stilton across the pastry. It's almost certainly not enough.
  • Fold your pastry over a third. Crumble on some more. Do it again. That's better.
  • Roll out again and make your pie the best pie in the world.
Flickr image from Keith Willamson. Making photogenic pastry is really hard.


  1. That sounds amazing! It would be a brilliant base for a pear and walnut tart.

  2. Haha we have a pie club as well, so glad we're not alone! We're also complete Stilton fiends so this will most certainly be featuring very soon!

  3. I made a pear and pecan tart last night, crumbled about an ounce or two of Gorgonzola in between two bottom crust layers and it was not enough. Couldn't taste it. She is right, ADD MORE.

    1. Haha! It does sound like a lot in the recipe. If you can't see the blue bits, you won't be able to taste them.


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