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Wednesday 18 July 2012

Sparrow Salad Bowl by Qualy

I'm still in the mood to eat salads despite the rain. It's still bizarrely warm making for almost tropically humid conditions which means I want something light and easy to eat. It also means I need something to serve it in. I have a dearth of decent serving bowls. Mixing bowls just don't cut it. Neither does using a useless combination of a spoon and fork to transfer said salad onto my plate. It just ends up falling all over the table instead.

That's why this sparrow salad bowl is perfect. It's a designated serving bowl! It has salad tongs! The tongs have little birds on the handles! They perch on the side of the bowl! It's a great example of design and function not being sacrificed for the other as can sometimes happen. I'd have something a bit more exciting than just lettuce leaves in it though.

It's available from Flamingo Gifts for £25.59.

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