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Thursday 26 July 2012

Wonder Woman! The Best Mug in the World

I truly believe that this Wonder Woman mug makes the best cup of tea. When I'm feeling hungover rubbish and need a cracking start to my morning, this is the mug that I use. My house isn't short of a mug or twenty, but my Wonder Woman mug (a Christmas present from the parentals) is the best morning mug for chanelling my inner kick-ass super hero.

She turns into a super hero just by spinning around! I remember trying this as a kid. I actually fell into a gas fire and still have a scar on my left elbow from being so moronically stupid. Her tiara was a boomerang! I'm quite up for having a tiara anyway, but even more so if I can use it as a weapon against dastardly baddies. Kick-ass accessories are clearly the best kind of accessories.

The mug is £6.98 from Half Moon Bay on Amazon, and it'll make your emails seem like a breeze. Pow! Bang! Kazapp! Pang! 

If you need a little reminder about just how fabulous Wonder Woman is, here's Lynda Carter doing her thing.


  1. Ahem... [coughs] [looks around shiftily] [whispers] that's LYNDA Carter. [I'm sure no one noticed; you can just go in and edit and we'll keep this between us, OK?]

    1. I've spent the last hour going back to the post wondering why Laura looked wrong - was really bugging me. Thanks, Anon! (Are you her? I'd quite like if Wonder Woman read Domestic Sluttery.)


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