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Monday 23 July 2012

Oui? Non? Parfait!

There's something about the French language that sends me all weak at the knees. Occasionally I get spam emails in French and rather than deleting them, I sit and read them. Garbled emails about Viagra sound really sexy in French, who knew?

You know who else likes saying things in French? Jennifer Loiselle. There is no way you can wear one of her parfait French brooches without spending the day sounding like a character from 'Allo 'Allo! C'est impossible!

Aaaah, non non non! Zut alors! This magnifique 'non' brooch is £30.

I've also learnt today that getting Google Translate to say Domestic Sluttery is all sorts of fun. I haven't got bored of that this last half an hour. Oui oui! This glitter brooch is £32. Oh mon dieu, glitter and French words that are fun to say? Tres excellent!

We're out of brooches now, which is a good thing because I'm all out of GCSE French. You should go to Jennifer's Etsy shop and buy everything before I start asking 'ou est le plage?' Toot suite!

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