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Wednesday 25 July 2012

Wallpaper Wednesday: Stacks by Ella Doran

I'm of the belief that wallpaper, no matter how striking, should be able to fit into a room seamlessly. You shouldn't spend the whole time 'round at someone's house barely listening to their chit-chat because you can't stop staring at their wallpaper. Robots are the exception to this rule.

Wallpaper should be like the supporting role in a film - you always know it's there, you think it's bloody ace and probably deserves and award, but it's not why you bought the ticket. It's to be admired when your friends leave the room.

Ella Doran is the Queen of fabulous supporting rolls. This Stacks design is a perfect example. Piles and piles of magazines, that if they were really you'd totally want to have a flick through. I like the colours - flashes of neon pink, a few bits of red and yellow. Nothing that will clash with that's in your room already. It's a design that repeats really easily as well. This is the ideal statement wallpaper and much more interesting than the Anthropologie paperback paper we featured a while ago.

Like it? It's £150 a roll (I know, I know) from Wall Library.

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