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Wednesday 7 November 2012

The Ginvent Calendar

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting DRUNK
My mum wouldn't let my brother and I have chocolate advent calendars when we were growing up, what with their being heathen and all. Christmas only knows what she would have to say about the Ginvent Calendar, but I know what I'd say.


Start saving for this next month because, marvellous in both name and content, The Ginvent Calendar (£79.95, less than £3.50 per door) is an absolute masterstroke, brought to us by Master of Malt and The Gin Blog.

Behind every door, you get a 3cl sample of a different gin, which gives you a healthy measure to mix up into a G&T or a gin cocktail.  Sample the very best, from mainstream brands to tiny bijou labels handmade in some Devonshire granny's airing cupboard*. You'll only find out what drink you've got when you open it, or check the Gin Blog, as the contents are being kept a Christmassy secret.

I'd recommend you read the GB's wonderful post about why they decided to do this calendar; it's a glorious ode to being juniper crazy and very sensibly rebuffs all those pieces that have mystifyingly turned up this year about the sudden renaissance of gin (presumably written by journalists whose editors have been living in a cave since 2004).

BUT. There is more. 

If your taste (and wallet) lies more with whisky, then splash out on the £149.95 Whisky Advent Calendar. The reason why it's so ball-breakingly pricey is that one of the 3cl bottles contains a sample of 50-year-old scotch. NICE WORK!

Both calendars are also beautifully decorated, so once you've drunk everything, you can hang it on the wall, or refill the bottles for next year.

Just imagine how pissed Father Christmas would get if you lined up these instead of sherry.

*sadly this isn't true, but oh that it were  - although it would probably kill you

Thanks to my old university chum Mike for the tip!


  1. YES. Not only is this a fabulous idea, it's a beautiful design as well.

  2. I love how I can tell which Slut wrote which piece before I get to the name at the bottom *fuzzy feeling*
    Anyway, awesome idea. I'll be dropping hints all over the shop about this one.

  3. Oh glory be. How did they know I love Advent Calendars AND gin? AND whisky?!?!
    Master of Malt is a wondrous place. Dangerous, but wondrous.

  4. I had chocolate religious advent calendars (Yes they did/do exist) pleasing the little Baby Jesus, my mother and me.
    Obviously not as good as Ginvent though!

    1. THEY EXIST? Amazing! I spent 9/10ths of the autumn/winter period looking for religious glittery calendars of appropriately 19th century artistic bent. Surprisingly enough, this is hard in 2012.

  5. Golly. You guys are amazing, the way you find all these treats. Christmas shopping is going to be a breeze with all these ideas flying about. *hugs*

  6. Absolutely loving this. It may have to happen. I love how the gin is in little bottles that remind me of old fashioned tinctures or something!

  7. This is utter genius. (Gin-ius? I'll show myself out).

  8. Well what I really want is the whisky calendar. But considering I wouldn't even dream of spending £80 on a gin one, that's not going to happen! Great idea though.

  9. OMG this is AMAZING!!! THanks to Sew You for recommending
    Ruth -

  10. I am well know to have no Christmas spirit. Whisky spirit, however, I have indeed! WANT!!!!!!


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