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Monday 5 November 2012

Dream Dress: Warehouse Boned Lace Dress

I've been looking for the perfect birthday dress. Of all the days you're allowed a new dress, your 30th birthday is pretty much top of that list. The thing is, as much as I want something super pretty, I plan on spending the entire day in a pub drinking ale and playing Pictionary so can't exactly turn up in a fancy gown (then again).

I'm absolutely going celebrate my birthday in this boned lace dress from Warehouse. It's utterly gorgeous, and just the right level of slightly overdressed. (I'm always slightly overdressed, that's not about to change when I turn 30.) I love the flippy skirt and the boning gives the dress such a lovely shape, but wasn't totally sure about the mesh panels and exposed zip:

Then I saw the back in full length, and actually, it's kinda hot.

Do try and ignore the horribly tacky heels on her shoes, let's just look at the lovely dress instead. It's just £50 which is a bargain for a dress this well structured and detailed. Please don't wear it to my birthday party.


  1. I have just picked up an almost identical dress in Primark for £20... Same colour, sleeves, necklace, back panel...

  2. But I bet the Warehouse one will last years long, Anon! If DS started showing off Primarni dresses I'd seriously reconsider my girl crush.

    Happy Almost 30th, Siany!

    1. years longER, sorry!^ And it'll be cut far better, too.

    2. Thank you for the birthday wishes!

      We're not totally against Primark (actually, some of the girls are huge fans), but I'm actually aware that this dress won't be the best quality at even £50. You can't get decent boning and lace for that price. BUT, I do know that despite that, Warehouse dresses are great shape and do last so I'm happy to recommend.

      I don't personally shop in Primark because they're horrible places to shop! It's stressful! I feel the same about H&M as well. I don't want to search through piles of clothes on the floor or queue for hours to pay a fiver for something.

      That said, we'd probably write about Primark if they joined the rest of the world and got an online shop...

  3. Yeah, you can wear that on your birthday, it's your birthday, normal rules don't apply! But the boning might get a bit uncomfortable after sitting (& drinking) for a while?

  4. What are you going to wear your birthday dress with Siany? I love your style. Have a super happy day. x


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