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Friday 9 November 2012

Shop in the Spotlight: Gloriously British

I've been on a lot of trains this week, from London to the Midlands, to North Wales and back again. As soon as the announcer is jabbering on about reading safety information and I'm tucking into a rather pathetic baguette from Upper Crust, I'm happy staring out of the window watching the country whizz by. Then I get bored and spend two hours faffing about on the internet. Gloriously British was one of my train journey discoveries.

I really like this Big Ben silhouette clock. You can choose between the outlines (I like the one at the bottom). They're by Jolly Smith and they're £32. What a marvellously clever design.

Laura showed you some excellent James Bond Kindle cases earlier this week, but if you're not that much of a Bond fan, these old book Kindle cases are blimmin' lovely. They're £24.99.

I know I'm meant to be getting excited about her alpaca fingerless gloves (next to bloody useless outside, but handy for when it's cold in your office and you're typing emails), but I think this might just be a plea to my hairdresser: I NEED MY HAIR IN PLAITS LIKE THIS.

This gorgeous orange bag looks like leather, but it's actually made from a decommissioned fireman's hose (in active duty for up to 30 years). And the lining is made from parachute silk. It's the toughest, most kick ass handbag that there ever was.

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