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Friday 9 November 2012

Sluttery Sales Spy: Office, Warehouse & Joy

It's Friday. It's lunchtime. It's Friday lunchtime. That can only mean one thing. Yup - down spreadsheets and sarnies, my lovelies, because we are about to embark on a serious bargain hunt (red and blue fleeces and that bloke who isn't David Dickinson entirely optional).


Poetic Licence The Right Stripe heels, £39.50 (was £59.99), Let's Buy Shoes

STAR BUY! Sometimes I think I was put on this earth simply to wear Irregular Choice shoes. They're bonkers, and I love them. I'm also a big fan of their sister brand, Poetic Licence, whose shoes are at the more everyday-wearable end of the Shoe Insanity Spectrum. Let's Buy Shoes is the outlet store for both brands, and you'll find yourself a merry little pound or twenty off loads of their most popular styles. I've got a shoe crush on these Poetic Licence The Right Stripe heels (also available in orange and pink and black and pale pink), but I've also got my eye on these Irregular Choice Burlesque Beauty, um, beauties, down to £39.50 from £99. 

Primrose platforms, £20 (was £50), ASOS

BEST OF THE REST: At first I thought I loathed these Primrose platforms from ASOS, but then I took a moment to gather my thoughts and now I've decided I actually want them. I badly want them. Also available in nude, for £35, but I think they're a little 'Kate 'n' Pippa Go To A Society Wedding And Accidentally Walk Through A Vat Of Glue And Then End Up With Confetti All Over Their Shoes But Not Fun Confetti Because The Colour Scheme For The Bloody Wedding Is NUDE'. That's totally a sub-genre of shoe design. One which we should all avoid. 

Right. Moving on.

Stitch Up heel in red suede, £40 (was £65), Office

The Office sale rumbles on, and I am not complaining. How did I miss these Stitch Up shoes? You know when you see something you love, and you really, really want it, and then you realise you can afford it, and then you see that it's in the sale, and then you feel all kind of butterfly-tummied and excited, and then you think you might ACTUALLY CRY A BIT? Uh-huh, yes you do. Don't lie. Well, that's what's going on with me just now.

An attainment award this week goes to Karen Millen, for these blossom-print peep-toes, £55 down from £125.


Louise Gray Flash Face sequin dress, £50 (was £175), Topshop

STAR BUY! We wrote about Louise Gray's collaboration with Topshop earlier in the year - I was mad about it then, and I'm mad about it now. The whole range is in the sale, presumably because at almost £200 a go, no-one could afford it. At £50, though, this Flash Face dress won't make our bank manager start popping the vallies. Again.

Blocked sequin full skirt dress, £35 (was £85), Warehouse

BEST OF THE REST: Oh my. I went into full-on swoon mode when I clapped eyes on this little Art Deco number from Warehouse. This will be your go-to dress from now until Hogmanay. I'll even give you permission to wear it after that, if you like. *grants permission*

Louche Nicks dress, £30 (was £55), Joy

The black of this Louche Nicks dress from Joy means that what started life as a summer floral is perfectly acceptable as an autumn and winter floral, too. Heck, it could even be a spring floral! BUY IT. The back view is pretty damn gorgeous, as well.


May28th watches, £17.90 each (was £26 each), Fab

STAR BUY! I've had my eye on May28th's graphic watches for a while now, but I haven't been able to make up my mind which of their many designs to go for. Now they've turned up on Fab, and I have been spurred into action by the fact that a) there's 31% (quite a random percentage, but hey) off the usual price, and b) the sale ends in just under two days from now. Even without a watch, I know that I need to move fast to get my hands on a bargain. Fab has so much brilliant stuff on offer at the moment. Thank goodness I've just been paid. 

Kenneth Jay Lane 22-karat gold-plated amber ring, £26.25 (was £75), The Outnet

BEST OF THE REST: I love me a big ol' cocktail ring. I think flashing a ginormous sparkler can detract from a multitude of sins. Everyone is so dazzled by your ring that they fail to notice your unwashed hair, the toothpaste stain down your dress, and the fact that you're spouting a lot of crap on a subject you know nothing about. Easy. This one by Kenneth Jay Lane is wildly reduced on The Outnet and will help you become a better person. Really. (Side note: I had to look up the difference between carat and karat. I never knew.)

Lulu Guinness ice cream birdcage umbrella, £22 (was £32), ASOS

It is pissing down outside as I write this. I love rain, and I never use an umbrella, but I do realise this is not the norm - so here's a super-cute Lulu Guinness umbrella to brighten your day. Won't you look simply lovely walking down the street carrying this? In fact, I think it'll give you such a spring in your step, you'll be skipping! Watch out for that reversing lorry though.


Joseph Joseph food preparation bowl nest, £28 (was £38), Debenhams

STAR BUY! In my dreams, my kitchen is kitted out with all of Joseph Joseph's finest offerings. Not only are they so colourful they make fully-grown rainbows hang their heads in shame and weep silent tears of inadequacy, but they are also perfect for tiny flats like mine where cupboard space is a luxury. This nest of kitchen essentials contains a sieve, colander, bowls, measuring cups and spoons, but won't take up more room than a large bowl. Genius.

Pantone wallstore by Seletti in yellow, pink, or violet, £43.40 (was £62), Heal's

BEST OF THE REST: I keep thinking I should be over Pantone stuff by now, but I'm not, SO THERE. I love these Seletti Pantone wallstores from Heal's, especially this yellow one. Check out the Pantone candles, too, which are all reduced and would make lovely Christmas presents. We're officially allowed to think about Christmas shopping now, right? Phew.

Studio Labyrinth Palette-It coasters, £9.75 for 5 (was £13 for 5), Bouf

I like to think that the Queen of Pallets herself, Hilary Devey, uses these Palette-It coasters from Bouf. I also like to think that she reads Domestic Sluttery, so no doubt she'll be rectifying her coaster situation quick-smart if she hasn't got her coffee cup perched on one already. Hi, Hil! Love you.


Aikiou interactive cat food bowl, £11.50 (was £16), Fab

Look at this little fluffball searching for his food. He doesn't know what the hell is going on, does he? Apparently, this interactive cat food bowl has won all manner of awards, and helps greedy cats eat more slowly, as well as making mealtimes more stimulating for our moggies. I say it looks like the Super Mario/Blue Peter Tracy Island mash-up of my dreams, and therefore it goes straight to the top of my List of Cat Presents (the list is huge).

Tell me what you've all been buying this week, please! Where should I be visiting before next week's sales round-up? 


  1. Those watches! Those watches! Love them.

    1. Me too! I might be about to buy two. Excitement!

  2. This WHOLE POST is my favourite thing ever, Laura. In fact I think I love you. There, I've said it.
    Most of all I love the Karen Millen peep toes, but OMG that cat food bowl thing is ace. I mean, I would lose my nut if someone made me solve puzzles before I had my dinner. Yet I still want to inflict this on Elphaba, the greedy witch-cat of mine.

    1. Thank you, lovely Laura V! I think Elphaba definitely needs the bowl, but I agree that solving puzzles before dinner is not an appealing thought!

  3. THE INTERACTIVE CAT BOWL! I'm just looking at his little face on the website. He's so confused.

    1. He looks like he might cry kitty-tears. Poor wee thing!

  4. Wee Jimmy the cat hates when I put his tea in that food bowl! I can tell he is wishing me to stub my toe when I do that, it makes me chuckle though to see his chubby wee face screwed up in concentration x

    1. OH MY GOD is your cat named after Wee Jimmy Krankie? Best cat name ever.

    2. Lynsey, I'm DESPERATE to see a photo of Wee Jimmy frowning at his confusing food bowl now...

  5. He is, he is ginger and he lives in Glasgow :-) x

    1. Fandabidozi! (I'm sorry. I just couldn't resist!)

  6. Richard Joseph (the particularly handsome half of JosephJoseph) is in LivingEtc this month showing off his house. It's possibly the most beautiful house I've ever seen.

    1. Oh my! I haven't had a chance to read my copy yet - I'm looking forward to seeing his house now!


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