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Tuesday 8 January 2013

A Lunch Less Ordinary: Beautiful Bento Boxes

January is the month where we all seem to pile pressure on ourselves to make whopping great changes to our lives. To succeed, we're going to need to keep our strength up with a super-satisfying lunch (this will also come in handy when you inevitably don't cut yourself a break and need cheering up).

Happily, one of my resolutions this year is to eat better, not just health-wise but deliciousness-wise too. Lunch is always so boring (sandwiches, sandwiches, and more sand- woah no I'm in a coma) that I often skip it altogether, so I'm going to try to take more tempting things into work for my midday munchies.

Bento boxes - a Japanese wonder - have little compartments so you can pack a mini meal, and mix things up a bit.

For smaller eats (or for your little ones), I love the animal bento boxes from Doodle Cook. They're only a fiver, but they have two compartments and a little spoon - perfect to start me off. Now I just have to decide between the panda, the pig, the blue puppy and the honey bear...

For functional reliability, Black + Blum have some very sexy, more modern bento boxes.  It has a detachable separator, a little sauce pot, and a clip for whatever utensil you fancy using. £13.95 well spent.

My absolute favourite, however, comes from Sous Chef. They're not in stock yet (you can call to pre-order), but the gorgeous little geisha princess design makes me all kind of happy. It can be separated into a bowl and two dishes, and it's £19.

Even if I do end up putting a boring sandwich in one of the compartments and some yoghurt in the other, I'm still going to want to make the effort to eat properly now I have one of these to show off.

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  1. Very cute blog! The geisha is a tiffin box though, not a bento.. Indian, not Japanese!


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