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Tuesday 8 January 2013

Sluttery by Post: Notting Hill Editions

I've started reading more non fiction recently. Not consciously, I've just found a few interesting topics that I wanted to explore (Where Good Ideas Come From is currently blowing my mind). Around the time I was on my non-fiction binge, I discovered Notting Hill Editions in the London Review Bookshop (nice tea).

Notting Hill Editions are tiny essay books on all sorts of topics. Everything from dolls to erm... doomed marriage. They've got an edition of the famed I Remember, as well as Roland Barthes' mourning diary. Cheery.

The gorgeous books are hardback and £10 each, and they've got a subscription service as well - just £50 for six months or £90 for the entire year so you're saving quite a bit if you've got a bit of an essay addiction. You might not be taken with the topic of every single book, but they're short and beautifully written. Give one a try and get a little snippet into something you'd never have read about otherwise.

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