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Wednesday 9 January 2013

Design 55 TV Memo Board

Remember when you were a kid and you had the seemingly endless argument with your parents about having a TV in your room? You wanted one, NEEDED one, all your friends had one, they kept saying no. Sad times. I am on the parental side of the argument fence now though and am staying steadfast in saying no. The only way Eldest Daughter is getting a TV in her room is if she has this memo board so I can write things like "Tidy you room! Turn One Direction down!" on it.

TVs that had twiddly knobs on the front. They were the future! This memo board is made from wipe clean glass so you can scribble as many messages as you like onto it. The temptation to draw a stickman interpretation of something like Game Of Thrones would be immense. I'd spend far too much time doing that...

Want to draw your own TV shows? The board is currently £13 at Design 55.

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