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Wednesday 9 January 2013

Happy 150 years, London Underground!

I blimmin' love the London Underground. Even when it's delayed. Even when it's crowded. Even when the prices go up. Yes, even in rush hour. Even after more than a decade in London, the novelty of whizzing across London in less than an hour hasn't worn off (not on the Hammersmith & City line, don't be silly). It's like some sort of magic, but with a seat and time to read a book and the odd crazy person. The tube is 150 years old today, let's celebrate with some gorgeous design pieces.

It's not the just the tube and travelling magic, some of the stations are gorgeous. Mornington Crescent has been standing (just) since 1907. You can buy this model from Chisel & Mouse for £129.

This is one of the most useful shower curtains there is. Not just for getting the London Underground questions right when you're watching Pointless, but for getting ready to go out and planning your journey. Get your tube map shower curtain for £24.95 from one of my favourite shops - Stanford's.

You can get the tube map on a cushion (and a set of coastersand a mug and just about everything else you can think of). Nice work, Harry Beck.

I've written about Design Hype's travel map cuffs before, but thought they deserved a special mention today. Here's their London Underground cuff in red, it's £23 from Bouf.

In 2007, Mark Titchner's If You Don't Like You Life poster was all over the underground. It's still my favourite underground poster. I can't find this available to buy anywhere, but I do like this Suspended in Nothingness print (available at the Whitechapel Art Gallery). I'm a bit gutted that it's £395, though.

Did you know you can get your own London Underground furniture made? There are 30 Moquette fabrics too choose from, just pick the furniture and tube fabric that you like! No, it's not cheap. But you get to tell people to mind the gap every time they sit on your sofa. That won't get old. You can also create your own moquette cushions for £45.

Ooh, this moquette throw looks lovely. Underground chic, this is.

If you're really up for celebrating 150 years of the tube, then go all out with this gorgeous London Transport Museum collaboration with The New English. The set will cost you around the same price as a Travelcard season ticket and I'd love it almost as much as I love the Underground.

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