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Monday 7 January 2013

Liz Climo's Adorable Animal Prints

Liz Climo is an animator - working for The Simpsons, no less - whose range of witty, silly, loveable animals has stolen my heart entirely.

I first discovered her this week when her wonderful tumblr blog Hi, I'm Liz popped up on my Twitter feed. It lists a new cartoon every few days and is going straight into my most prized bookmarks folder -  even if you don't want to invest in her prints right now, you can still get an instant pick-me-up when you're having a grumpy week.

There are literally dozens of items available in her shop, all of which made me smile. Here are some of my favourite designs, all available as prints from Society6. Shipping seems to be $10 no matter how many you order, which really isn't too shabby - especially not if you order all of them.

These little guys want to learn how to be a hipster. They are the cutest hipsters I've ever seen. An 8" by 10" print is $16 (£9.84).

Everyone loves a surprise party, and - surprisingly - chameleons don't appear to be that great at them. A 10" by 7" print of this is $18 (just over £11).

The shark-fanatics among us will hopefully find this shark week print as charming as I do. Silly shark. An 8" by 10" is $16 again.

SUPER SQUIRREL! I mean, squirrels are pretty lovely anyway but heroic ones?! My day has been made. An 8" by 10" print is $18.

I know that mentioning Christmas this early in January is a mortal sin, but I couldn't not show you this brilliantly silly walrus. He, too, is $16 for an 8" by 10".

Lastly, this bear's logic is my favourite. I wish my phone had glasses. An 8" by 9" print is $16.

I know it's only early yet, but I'm pretty sure this is the best thing I've seen all year.


  1. I want them all and the tumblr is now bookmarked. It's cheered up a crappy day so thank you!


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