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Monday, 7 January 2013

Noteworthy New Years Notebooks

Donna Wilson exercise books, £9.95 for three

If you're anything like me, a new year means new notebooks to write down resolutions in. Here are my resolutions from last year - I did pretty well, mainly because I resolve to have a lovely time, rather than to give up carbohydrates and lead a dull and joyless existence. I also use my notebook to make notes on dogs I see. Marvel at my incredible drawing skills:

This year, I've had a look for notebooks that fit with your brand new resolutions. Resolved to take more exercise? Then Donna Wilson's beautifully illustrated exercise books (at the top of this post) not only look fab, they come with maps of places to cycle, swim, or do handstands in east London. Pick up a pack of three from Theo Theo.

Don Draper notebook, £3.76
Resolved to finally watch the Mad Men box set? Then get yourself a Don Draper notebook from Invisible Crown (slogan: "always wear your invisible crown") on Etsy.

Mark's Days notebook, £3.90
Bureau Direct are my new crush. Their Mark's Days notebook comes with a suggested itinerary for a week in Paris. It includes French phrases that we all stumbled through for GCSE, including the classic "aller a la piscine" and the poignant "retrouver des amis" (it was obviously a heavy night at the bibliotheque the day before). Perfect if you've resolved to travel more (specifically, to Paris).

Ideas notebook, £3
Resolved to finally get all those ideas out of your head and onto paper? Make your ambitions clear with this ideas notebook from Lovely Pigeon. You can really get organised with a set of four notepads for a tenner, including "doodles", "plans" and "lists" too. That pretty much covers everything I use a notebook for.

Library card notebook, £4.16
We all need to resolve to support our local libraries. If only they still used these old school check out cards. Thankfully The Phantom Limb is recycling them into cute notebooks on Etsy.

Zombie apocalypse survival guide notebook, £7
"There is plenty of information out there about the coming zombie apocalypse," points out BellaBrights, "but when the grid goes down and the streets are crawling with the walking dead you're not going to be able to snap on the intertron and access that information." I don't know what an intertron is, but I do know that I don't want my neighbours to be eating my brains on toast this summer. Stay safe and resolve to keep your head while all about you are losing theirs this year with this vital notepad.


  1. I love your dog list! There's something very David Shrigley about it.

    1. You're too kind. I'm quite pleased with my rambling comments about Lamb Dog.

  2. How very practical! LOL
    I love all notepads btw. I always buy too many and "deflower" them by writing on the first page and then forget about them. :P

    1. Sometimes I buy them and then decide they're too nice to use. Or I write something inane in them and decide they're ruined forever. Oh, notebooks, why must you be so confusing?

  3. LOL I recognize that too: too pretty to use and after a few years in a drawer they get yellowy and not so pretty anymore... I am just a sucker for paper. I always have too much!

  4. Aww! They all look lovely and would make great pressies for people... *plots*
    Shame I already have too many notepads and doodle books. :-(

    1. NEVER too many, Correen! You can use your new one to write a new resolution, resolving to use up all your notepads. This makes sense.

  5. Hi Sara, thanks SO much for featuring my Zombie notebook! I have to admit I am a self confessed notebook junkie myself and after filling up three bedside table drawers with gorgeous (mostly empty) notebooks/journals hubby drew a line in the sand. So I decided to make and sell these little moleskines to feed my addiction. I create them, hold them briefly in my hand, and then send them off to their new home. It's a win for everyone! Again... big thanks from Tasmania Australia :)

    1. You're so welcome! I absolutely adore them, and they got a lot of love on our Facebook page too:


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