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Tuesday 8 January 2013

Lucky charms for an unlucky year

For whatever reasons, last year didn't seem to be the best for me and my pals. So, as the clock chimed midnight, we were more than willing to lift our glasses to welcome 2013. "Hum, 2013", one of us remarked. "Can't say that sounds like the most auspicious of years".

Well, no. An entire year of having to write 13 at the end of every date isn't great news for superstitious types. So, in a vague attempt to counter that, I've raided both the old wives cupboard and the high street for potential lucky charms to wear to ward off bad luck. Scoffers at superstitions should still consider themselves lucky as these will help them in looking stylish throughout the year.


Apparently horseshoes are meant to act as kind of magnet, attracting all that good luck that's floating around out there (you know alongside the oxygen, carbon dioxide etc). I can't think of a prettier way to sport a horseshoe about your person other than this horseshoe brooch by Rosita Bonita. It's  made from leather and is yours for £19. Just don't make the mistake and put it on upside down, cos then all the good luck will flow out - right?

Black cats

Admittedly there's some controversy over whether black cats are considered good or bad luck. I'm going for the good luck camp: mainly because we've featured so many of them on Domestic Sluttery, and because it gives me a great reason to show you this black cat dress from the Peter Jensen range for People Tree. It's simply covered with the things (admittedly looking quite scared). This particular dress isn't available to buy until later in the month but until then stock up on the cat sweatshirt, tee, or halter dress.

Four Leaf Clover

The luck in the four leaf clover apparently stems from its relative rarity, you'll be extra lucky if you find one. In this case there's no searching required, simply buy this key ring by Heidi Mottram. It's made from eel skin but don't let this one slip away from you: it's £18.90 at Culture label. Though it's a long way from the world record for number of leaves found on a clover which is a massive 56 apparently. The finder must have had a very good year after that.


I'm a long standing fan of the ladybird mainly because of their excellent choice in colour and pattern. They're also considered quite lucky (presumably because they'll take many garden foes for you). Today's internet search also reveals some people believe that when a ladybird lands on an object, it'll be replaced by an improved version. Good news, as the Boutique by Jaeger range (including this £35 tee-shirt) is teeming with lovely ladybirds ready to have a transformative effect on your wardrobe.


Rainbows are cheery at the best of time, especially when on something as ridiculously colourful as these socks from Topshop. Though, in this case, all you'll find at the rainbow's end is your big toe, rather than that pot of gold. For only £3.50, what can you expect?


If you didn't win when pulling your lucky Turkey wishbone this Christmas, here's your second chance. Though you wouldn't want to tug too hard at this wishbone charm, it's much too pretty. It's made from gold-dipped silver by a company called Dogeared and is available through ASOS for £45. Even more charmingly, it comes with its own card encouraging the recipient to 'Wish big'.

Wish big, dear Domestic Sluttery readers. Here's to a happy and lucky 2013.

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  1. You might be interested to know that wishbones used to be known as 'merrythoughts' - which is why you get little Victorian brooches featuring wishbones - not macabre, but tokens of affection... and incidentally, don't worry too much about which way up your horseshoe is, virtually all Victorian jewellery has them turned the other way. I think 'upwards' is how you have to nail real horseshoes above your door for luck.

    You may want to consider snake designs as luck-bringers as well - this coming year is the Chinese year of the Water Snake.


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