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Thursday 3 January 2013

Top Ten Pasta Recipes

It hasn't stopped raining this year (er... all three days of it), which is reason enough to stay indoors and eat all of the carbs. It's too cold for diets and detoxing (although if you're dead serious about that, here's our detox soup recipe). January is about snuggling up, trying a new recipe or three and clearing your cupboard out of every single pasta variety you can find. Here are our top ten pasta recipes, they should see you right through to spring.

10 minute garlic pasta. One of the best things about pasta is that it only takes ten minutes to cook, let's totally embrace that.

Stilton, walnut and pancetta macaroni cheese (pictured). This is seriously, seriously taking your mac 'n' cheese up to 11. Proceed with caution: can cause unexpected levels of happy and carb-induced napping.

Dirty anchovy pasta. Love anchovies? Then you're going to love this recipe.

Spring minestrone. This soup is perfect if you really did eat too much cheese over Christmas.

Lemon spaghetti. Take normal spaghetti and make it brilliant. This recipe is ideal if you don't fancy a super heavy cheese sauce.

Slut's pasta. OK, this is actually pasta puttanesca. But we like our name better.

Chorizo and mushroom tripoline. They're those wiggly bits of pasta with mega tasty additions. It's hard to be healthy in January when we've still got lots of Christmas chorizo left.

Lasagne-stuffed courgettes. You could probably even convince yourself that these were healthy. It's 50% vegetable.

Aromatic lamb with orzo. Orzo soaks up really taste juices so this is a great recipe for slow cooking. Leave this to bubble away on your stove while you write everyone's birthday in your new 2013 diary.

Gnocchi. Do these count as pasta? Oh, let's say yes. We've got a gluten free gnocchi recipe as well, which is almost certainly made with magic.

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