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Thursday 3 January 2013

Etsy Pick: Emma Block's 60s Style Icons

Happy 2013! There's something about the new year that makes everyone want to update their style. In the last week, I've shopped, cut and died my hair, bought slightly ridiculous accessories. Of course, in three weeks I'll forget all about my 'exciting new look' and I'll go back to dressing like Normal Sian.

But I could do a lot worse than take style tips from Emma Block's 60s style icon prints. I need big eyelashes like Twiggy.

I already have lots of blonde hair. That's a start.

I can try classic chic a la Hepburn, but I think I way a little too much animal print and clashing colours for that.

This Edie Sedgwick print may be my favourite. Love the big earrings. And the fact that she used to go out in just her pants. Even if I don't quite venture that far into my new look, these A5 prints will at the very least update that very empty wall in my flat. They're around £8.50 each (UK postage, Emma is based in London) or you can buy a series of four style icons for £18.95.


  1. These are lovely. I'm definitely going for slightly ridiculous accessories this year. And getting my hair cut tomorrow - wonder if I should take one of these in to inspire my hairdresser?

    1. I thought of you when I was writing about these (actually, they were nearly your Christmas present). You could totally do a pixie cut.

    2. Pixie cut, pixie cut!

    3. Oh thank you ladies. I have attempted a pixie cut before and failed miserably, but I'll see if the hairdresser can conjure up some magic (it'll just end up being a bit shorter).


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