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Monday 7 January 2013

Top Ten Soup Recipes

I think Christmas excess has broken me. I'm now 87% cheese (as opposed to my usual 70%). The rest of me is ale and sleepiness. I need something restorative and for that, I need soup. Here are our top ten soup recipes to see you through January (unsurprisingly, Kat's ginger concoction hasn't made the list).

Sausage, chorizo and lentil soup. This is spicy and hearty and will warm your winter bones right through.

Mama B's Jewish Penicillin Soup (pictured). Chicken. Matzo balls. It's a known fact that mums make the best chicken soup.

Sweet potato and sweetcorn soup. Sweet.

Tom yam gai. This is what we do with our roast chicken leftover bits. (We've got a super easy chicken stock recipe as well.)

Vegan detox soup. Really overdone it? Then you need a bit of a detox soup. Or try our healthy and cleansing turkey noodle soup or pea shooters.

Honey spiced pumpkin soup. With crispy bacon bits or without? You decide.

Roast tomato, chilli and cumin soup. It might be veggie, but this soup is full of flavour and will warm your cockles (I'm not really sure where your cockles are, but consider them warmed).

Butternut squash soup. This is what you make when you get loads of squash in your veg box.

French onion soup. It's a classic, don't fiddle with it. It's one of the tastiest things you'll ever put in a bowl.

Thai chicken noodle soup. We can't get enough of chicken noodle soups. They cure all ills.

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