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Wednesday 9 January 2013

Wallpaper Wednesday: The Final Frontier

The Final Frontier might be PaperBoy's best ever wallpaper. Even better than the dragons and dinosaurs. Even better than the one showing you how animals work. Way more exciting than the Spitfires. None of those wallpapers featured a  little boy having adventures on the moon and saving us all from alien invasion. (By the way, that's my favourite sentence in the entire world.)

If you look closely, there's even a mouse eating moon cheese. Of course there is.

Aaaaaaarrrrrgh! Attack of the five-eyed monster! Quick little boy, save us!

Oh how I love the green colourway (look, everyone knows that aliens from outer space are green). PaperBoy, you're amazing. And your prices get the thumbs up as well. The Final Frontier wallpaper is just £60 a roll and will almost certainly inspire space dreams and kick-ass alien fighting.

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  1. I told my husband that this would be perfect for our bedroom, he disagreed. The fool!


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