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Wednesday 9 January 2013

Sluttery by Post: Candy Japan

It is a widely-accepted fact in my head that Japan is responsible for a great many culinary triumphs - first and foremost, batshit crazy sweets. I mean, have you seen how many weird and wonderful flavours of KitKat you can buy there? (#29: What? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?)

I am desperate to go to Tokyo for lots of reasons, but mainly for the sweets. 2013 is my year of saving money (or collecting enough Airmiles whilst shopping at Tesco) to finally have my dream Japanese holiday. In the meantime, I'm going to spare £15 a month to subscribe to Candy Japan's fortnightly mystery sweet delivery service.

I'll be honest, their website isn't the most spectacular I've ever seen, nor are their photography skills up to much (they need a masterclass from our Hazel), but this little cottage industry makes up for full-scale swankiness with their homemade videos and photo tutorials, explaining what to do with the more complicated sweets they send (there are quite a few complicated sweets in Japan, it seems - DIY dinosaur gummies, anyone? YES PLEASE).

Check out the past candies they've sent, plus a list of the ones they're considering for the future. It's all just too cute. Sign me up NOW.


  1. You can get SWEETCORN Kitkat and POTATO Kitkat? That's a meal, right there.

    1. I think it might be possible to hold a KitKat dinner party.

  2. The Caramac Kitkats were AMAZING! I think I put on about a stone during that limited edition period :-/


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