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Thursday, 7 February 2013

BAFTA Night Popcorn

It's that time of year again, when films get all serious and everyone is practising their 'gracious loser' face, just in case. Yes, the BAFTA Film Awards are announced this Sunday! Will Les Miserables wipe the board? Will Helen Mirren and Judi Dench each win another award? Will The Muppets win anything?

As you snuggle up on the sofa to watch the constellation of celebs strut the red carpet, you'll need some popcorn. Well, it is what you eat and the cinema, it seems fitting. If you want to be as fancy as all the nominees, you could go for something from Joe & Sephs. From classic caramel to Madras curry flavour, there's bound to be something in their range that excites you. If you shop online, you can pick three pouches for £12, or try six different flavours in the taster pack.

If you'd rather make your own, after all making it is half the fun, then you could try this old fashioned popcorn and seasoning set from American Sweets. It comes with an array of seasonings, butter salt, sour cream and onion, garlic salt and cheddar so you can have hours of fun trying all the different combinations. Assuming you don't lift the saucepan lid while it's still popping and throw popcorn all over the floor (I've NEVER done that, honest) then it's probably worth the £6.99 price tag.

To really get the I'm-at-the-cinema-and-not-really-on-the-couch feeling, this popcorn bowl from Urban Outfitters will be on hand every time you want a film night. Now for just £5, whenever BBC Three show Legally Blonde (every two weeks), you can whip up some popcorn and settle in for the evening. Need some variety in your life? Try our brilliant popcorn recipes for toffee fudge, sea salt caramel and chilli and lemon popcorn.

How do you prefer your popcorn? Salt or sweet?


  1. At cinemas in the UK I ask for a mix of salty and sweet. It's best when they have the do-it-yourself counter and I can alternate layers. Best of both!

    When I pop popcorn at home I like to add taco seasoning. It was a tip on the American TV show Zoom (childhood obsession) and I've been using it for YEARS :)

    xandra ★

    1. Taco seasoning?! That sounds brilliant! I'm trying that on Sunday.

  2. I'm really into sweet and salt popcorn at the moment - it has replaced crisps as the lunchtime snack of choice!

    1. Way more exciting than crisps and it's such a low fat snack, it's practically health food!


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